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Moving your child from public to private school

If you and your ex have joint custody of your child in North Carolina, you may be dealing with an ex-spouse who wants him or her to attend a different school beginning this term. At The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., we work to resolve child custody issues including visitation and parenting time, child relocations and custody modifications.

Am I overparenting my child?

Many parents feel overly protective of their kids immediately following a divorce. While you naturally want to safeguard your child from bad feelings and hurt caused by the split, overparenting can actually harm your relationship with your child in the long run. Very Well Family explains the signs of overparenting so you can maintain a loving and healthy relationship with your child no matter what.  

Divorce and your child’s emotions

For married couples, divorce can be extremely challenging when it comes to emotions. Stress, depression and anger, in some instances, can make the process harder to work through. However, the way in which a divorce can impact children should not be overlooked either. For kids, it can be difficult when their parents split up, and some children feel very unsure about their future during this time. Some kids may respond to their parents’ divorce differently depending on their age or other issues they are dealing with, and it is vital for parents to do everything they can to protect their child’s emotional health during this time.

Is electronic communication with your kids allowed?

As a parent in Wilmington, you no doubt want to be constantly plugged into your kids' lives. That can become much more difficult if you and your spouse choose to divorce. You may have your own dedicated custodial time in which to talk to them, but what about then they are with your ex-spouse? You may view calling them on the phone or sending them an email in such situations is perfectly harmless, yet your ex-spouse may not. Indeed, they may see it as you infringing on their custodial time. This may prompt the question of whether that state has guidelines for communication with your kids in this scenario. 

Hospital locked down due to custody dispute

Most in Wilmington might say that child custody disputes are private family matters in which outside parties have to right to become involved in. Yet what happens if a custody battle spills outside of the walls of the home and ends up inadvertently involving others? Feuding parents might even look for opportunities outside of the home to confront each other or even abduct their children from their other parent. Schools, shopping centers and other public venues may often provide the perfect forum for such incidents. 

Why does my child misbehave?

Being a single parent in North Carolina is no easy feat. This is especially true when your child is acting out, and it’s important to get to the root of the issue if you hope to stop bad behavior. If you feel as though you’re at your wit’s end, Very Well Family offers the reasons why kids commonly misbehave, as well as what you can do about the matter.

How can I keep conflict to a minimum over the holidays?

Have you recently gone through a divorce in North Carolina? If so, you may be dreading the upcoming holiday season due to all the possible stress it will hold, from creating a reasonable schedule to facing difficult family members. While you can’t always control the actions of your loved ones, offers the following tips on how you reduce stress associated with the holidays.

Is parallel parenting a good option for me?

Divorce is rarely easy, especially when children are involved. For recently divorced North Carolina couples, coming together on behalf of kids can be all but impossible. In this case, parallel parenting may be a good option to ensure kids receive the attention they deserve while keeping conflict to a minimum. offers the following advice on this trusted technique.

Moving with your kids following your divorce

Emerging from your divorce proceedings in Wilmington with custody of your children is likely to come as a great relief. Yet earning it can take its toll, so much so that you think the best way for you and your kids to get over it is to move. Many have come to us here at The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C. with this desire wanting to know if it is a possibility. We can tell you that it is, but earning the right to do so may not be easy. 

Keeping a positive attitude during a custody dispute

A dispute over the custody of your child may be very difficult to work through and you could feel overwhelmed. After all, your child’s future may be at stake and your relationship with your child could be significantly impacted by the custody decision. However, you should do your best to keep a positive attitude during this time for a number of reasons. Not only can positivity reduce stress, but it could also increase the likelihood of you being able to secure an end result that is more favorable from your point of view.

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