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Is A Separation Agreement Right For You?

While a couple that has decided to live separately and apart, to establish themselves as being legally separated, do not necessarily need a separation agreement to formalize the situation, these agreements can be helpful in clearly stating rights and obligations for both parties at the end of a marriage.

Other couples whose religious beliefs discourage the divorce process have been known to favor drafting of a separation agreement for this very reason when a relationship concludes. Such documentation can typically cover anything from child custody and support arrangements, to child support and spousal support, property division, life insurance and any concern that is important to either party.

Are you and your former spouse “on the same page” about preferring a separation agreement to a divorce settlement agreement in North Carolina? The experienced family law attorney who works closely and directly with you to craft the separation agreement you can live with is L. Bryan Smith, founder of The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., in Wilmington.

Mr. Smith’s thriving family law practice has benefited numerous individuals and couples in our state for more than 25 years. His vast practice area menu includes quality services for separating and divorcing spouses such as prenuptial agreements, parental relocation and prelitigation mediation that produces practical outcomes.

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