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How To Prepare For Your Divorce

Proper preparation makes any goal easier to achieve. When that objective is not only to survive a divorce, but to come through it thriving and with optimism, thorough preparation of a personalized “game plan” is essential.

Depending on whether you will be the divorced co-parent retaining or sharing custody of one or more children, or paying or receiving child support and spousal support, it would serve you well to discuss these short-term and long-range contingencies with an experienced family law attorney.

In Wilmington, L. Bryan Smith — founder of The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C. — is the skilled divorce lawyer who can help you compose this “wish list” for financial support wants and child access needs. He knows how to assist you with income-based calculations for support and educates you to the factors that courts consider when establishing alimony parameters. For every collateral issue involved in your uncontested, contested or high-asset divorce, Mr. Smith is your careful guide of the legal process, start to finish.

Also be thinking of asset valuation — what material items, marital assets and property you feel you have a right to possess after your marriage ends. It could be a share of a retirement residence, half of a bank account, one or more motor vehicles and continued sole ownership of a previous inheritance. The more detailed the list, and the sooner it is discussed with your representation and presented to opposing counsel, the better the chances of your goals remaining clear throughout negotiations or prelitigation mediation. Everyone will know which concerns you are adamant about, and which ones you are flexible on.

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