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Is A Planned Move Going To Affect Custody Arrangements? We Can Help.

Finding a new job, losing an old job or wanting to be closer to the extended family can mean it is time to move. However, that can have dramatic consequences for an existing custody arrangement, particularly if the move is out of state.

The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., regularly handles child custody modification cases, including move-away and child relocation cases. Attorney Bryan Smith has over 25 years of experience in family law matters. Through knowledgeable, caring and informed legal guidance, he has helped families navigate this complex and often contentious area of the law successfully for years.

Know Your Rights And Options From Practical Experience

Parental relocation cases have a dramatic effect on entire families. With the potential for a dramatic change in circumstances for all involved, now is not the time to be represented by a less experienced attorney. L. Bryan Smith is a local attorney who has earned a reputation as a compassionate and knowledgeable advocate for his clients. He can clearly and honestly explain your rights and options moving forward. Whether it is in your interests to contest a move or to negotiate a custody arrangement out of court, our firm will always act in your best interests.

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From our office in Wilmington, North Carolina, we help both custodial and noncustodial parents in custody modifications. For a free initial consultation and analysis of your situation with an experienced lawyer, contact our office at 910-338-5559 or reach us online here. We respond promptly to inquiries, and our friendly staff is ready to help.