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Customized Legal Solutions For Your Divorce

The decision to divorce is only the first of many you will have to make before your divorce becomes final. At this critical point in your life, you need sound advice and effective representation from an experienced lawyer.

The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., is a Wilmington family law firm with extensive experience in all types of divorce cases. Since 1990, we have worked to create customized family law solutions which protect our client’s rights and enable them to move forward in their lives with confidence.

We represent clients in divorce and related matters, including:

  • Divorce — uncontested and contested
  • Separation agreements
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Property division
  • Child support
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Post-divorce modifications in custody, visitation and support

Contact us for a free initial consultation with attorney Bryan Smith.

In an uncontested divorce case, we can handle all aspects of your case without your need to appear in court.

Toward A Better Future

In a free consultation, Bryan Smith can review your personal, family and financial situations and explain the divorce process. He will explore your goals and where you want your life to be one, three and five years down the line. Then our firm will develop a strategy designed to achieve your divorce which enables you to move forward after divorce in the best manner possible.

North Carolina is unique among states in that a couple that wishes to divorce must live in physical separation for one full year. This time will not be wasted however. Our firm often uses this interval to negotiate a resolution to issues involving children, property and other aspects of divorce. If a dispute appears likely over one or more of these matters, Bryan Smith will prepare your family law case for trial.

Our goal will be to achieve your divorce as quickly as possible while protecting your rights at each stage of the legal process.

Dividing Property And Debts

The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., will put a priority on achieving a successful resolution to issues involving children and marital property division. Our firm has experience in all types of property division cases. These have included complex asset division cases involving businesses, pensions, real estate and other matters. The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., will work diligently to achieve a settlement that protects your assets and enables you to move forward in life with a secure financial foundation.

Contact A Wilmington Divorce Attorney

For more information about the divorce process and a free initial consultation, contact our firm. Call 910-338-5559.