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We Know What It Takes To Be Successful In Complex Divorce Cases

A division of assets can quickly become complicated when a business interest, a professional practice or significant assets are involved. At The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., we have been handling complex and high-asset divorces for over 25 years. Attorney Bryan Smith is a capable negotiator and effective trial attorney. While he always stands up for the rights of his clients, he never escalates or prolongs the situation unnecessarily.

Throughout your divorce, his goal is to resolve issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while still protecting your legal and financial interests.

From Retirement Assets To Business Buyouts, We Have You Covered

Whether your home, business or nest egg is your most valuable asset, it is vital that you have an accurate picture of finances. As a veteran family law attorney and trial lawyer, Bryan Smith has built a network of professionals he can consult to determine financial assets involved in a complex divorce, including the use of forensic accountants if necessary.

Once all parties have established the assets involved, we will work diligently to secure you a fair division. Because we work individually with each client and will tailor our strategy to your goals and needs, the ultimate resolution of your divorce will depend on your individual circumstances. In all cases, however, we will act diligently and knowledgeably to help keep your current and future finances secure.

Contact Our Office For A Free Initial Consultation

A complex or high-asset divorce often involves high stakes. It is likely that years of hard work have gone into the marital assets. Now is not the time to trust a novice. We offer free initial consultations at our Wilmington, North Carolina, office. To learn how we can help you in your divorce, call us at 910-338-5559 or reach us online.