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Underage Drinking/Minor In Possession Of Alcohol

A criminal conviction can have lasting repercussions on a student’s life. Before you plead guilty to any criminal charge, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that you are aware of your rights and the penalties you may be facing. This is as true for underage drinking as any other criminal matter.

The Law On Underage Drinking

In North Carolina, a minor cannot purchase, possess or consume alcohol. While there is no law against public intoxication in North Carolina, any minor alleged to be intoxicated or in possession of alcohol can face a criminal misdemeanor charge. While you may not be facing incarceration, a conviction for minor in possession can have ramifications beyond the immediate consequences associated with your arrest and prosecution. It is important that you understand fully your rights and options before you take further action.

We Know Student Rights

As a regular advocate for students, criminal defense lawyer L. Bryan Smith has been providing knowledgeable and experienced guidance for students since his law office in Wilmington, North Carolina, opened in 1990. He regularly provides guidance to students at events hosted by the Campus Activities & Involvement Center at UNC Wilmington. He also regularly helps students enrolled at Cape Fear Community College.

Vigorous Defense. Not Judgment.

In his career, L. Bryan Smith has seen any number of circumstances and criminal charges. He knows that what students need is practical guidance, not lectures. The best option may be to contest all charges or to negotiate with prosecutors to lessen the charges or drop them altogether. It may be that your constitutional rights were violated. While your defense should be uniquely tailored to your situation, in all cases our clients benefit from years of practical knowledge gained from defending numerous students in similar circumstances.

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For a practical, solutions-based approach to resolving your criminal matter with as little possible impact on your criminal record and future career, our office will do everything we can to ensure that your rights and your future are protected. Call us at 910-338-5559 or fill out this brief online contact form to obtain a free initial case evaluation. Begin protecting your future today.