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Was Your Field Sobriety Test Properly Administered?

Many field sobriety tests administered by North Carolina law enforcement can be so strenuous, even stone-cold sober motorists pulled over for suspicion of DWI could have difficulty passing them.

If this has happened to you — if a field sobriety test was too difficult for you to complete at a DWI arrest scene, or a breath test for blood alcohol content recorded distorted results — you need aggressive defense representation. And you need it now.

In Wilmington, the law firm that is on your side is The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C.

Experienced DWI defense and criminal defense attorney L. Bryan Smith has successfully protected the rights of drunk driving defendants in our state since 1990. Our law firm’s founder works hard to investigate the circumstances leading to your arrest and discredit law enforcement methods of developing “probable cause” and charging you for driving while impaired.

The Local Law Firm That Gets Results With DWI Cases

Timing is essential if your rights are to be protected. Contact The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., today to arrange your free case evaluation with our lawyer, and confidentially discuss your legal issues after a drunk driving arrest.

We welcome your local call to 910-338-5559 or your toll-free call to 877-231-9829. All emails receive prompt responses.