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Facing Assault Charges?

Many circumstances can lead to an individual being charged with assault and battery. You may be facing criminal charges even if you never actually had physical contact with the alleged victim. In North Carolina, any physical, unwanted act toward another person can be considered assault. Assault and battery includes shoving, throwing an object or otherwise touching another person in an unwanted way.

You do not have to injure anyone to be charged with assault, although the penalties do increase if the alleged victim suffers serious injury or a weapon is alleged to be involved and you are charged with aggravated assault. You also do not have to actually touch another person to be facing criminal charges for attempted assault. In many cases, alcohol is involved, meaning you could be facing additional charges such as drunk and disorderly or drunk driving.

Domestic Assault

When an alleged violent crime occurs between members of the same household, law enforcement takes the situation seriously. Charges of domestic assault can lead to time in jail and potential issues with seeing your loved ones. A conviction can result in a criminal record, community service, fines and incarceration.

If you have been charged with domestic assault or have been served with an order for protection, it can be an incredibly stressful time. To get an honest, objective and informed opinion of your best options, contact our law office, The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C.

We Provide A Free Initial Consultation

Violent crimes involve serious repercussions if convicted. If you are faced with charges of assault or battery, contact experienced criminal defense lawyer L. Bryan Smith. Our office provides dedicated, knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense, and we will take the time to listen to you and your story. With us, you receive quality legal representation, not premature judgment. To speak with an experienced Wilmington criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights when faced with assault charges, call 910-338-5559 or reach us online.