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I can’t afford my traffic ticket. What do I do?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

One of the most irritating experiences many drivers deal with is getting a traffic ticket, usually due to distracted driving, speeding or driving without a license. Though some drivers have no problem paying off a ticket, others do, and that could lead to major consequences.

If you fail to appear in court and/or fail to pay the ticket, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will take away your license. However, you can avoid revocation if you can demonstrate you are not purposely shirking the fine.

Some people do not pay their traffic ticket fees because they are going through financial hardship. If you are struggling with paying your ticket, take the following steps:

Ask about payment plans

Since traffic ticket fees include court costs, it’s no wonder some individuals have a tough time paying them off. Ask the court about any monthly payment plans it may offer.

Consider offering community service

You can carry out community service duties in lieu of paying a traffic ticket. Some of the tasks you can do include picking up trash on a highway or volunteering at a non-profit organization. Keep in mind that it is up to the court to determine whether you qualify for this option.

Inquire about traffic school

If you enroll in traffic school, you may only have to pay a portion of your ticket or be completely exempt from your fee. Going to traffic school can also aid you in learning from your mistakes so that you do not repeat them and risk getting traffic tickets again.

Drivers should do everything possible to avoid getting a traffic ticket. But, you might receive a traffic ticket — unfairly or not. If that happens, it helps to reach out to experienced legal assistance to aid you in your case.