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2 common causes of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Divorce |

Marriage can be one of the greatest moments in someone’s life. The legal binding of two people, to spend the rest of their life together, can be a magical moment. However, some marriages, no matter how well two people seemed to fit each other, can end in a divorce.

Divorce can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Other marriages end because there were issues early on. There are many unique reasons people seek divorce. Here are a few common examples for why divorce happens:

1. People married too young

Many people marry at an early age. Two decades ago, people were marrying in their early to mid twenty years of age – that age has slowly increased to mid to late thirty years of age, but the age difference doesn’t necessarily mean there are fewer chances people will seek divorce. Young people may regret their decision to marry young, causing them to regret losing the chance to explore their options. 

2. Couples experience financial issues

Many couples frequently talk about finances – it happens nearly once a month. However, money can be a tricky subject to discuss, especially if there’s overspending, tons of debt or one spouse is unemployed. Some people may find it difficult to continue a relationship when money talks lead to conflict. 

If you’re experiencing turbulence in your marriage, you may need to consider your legal options.