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Should you delay a divorce for your child’s well-being?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Divorce |

Many couples who seek divorce wait because they’re thinking about their child’s future. In a parent’s mind, gritting their teeth through an unhappy marriage until their child is old enough to move out is the best thing a parent can do. 

By staying together, parents often believe they’ll have an easier time raising a child, financially and mentally, and stop any emotional conflict they’d put on their child through a divorce. Doing the best for your child is what a parent does, but divorce may be more beneficial for your child. Here’s what you should know:

Teaching your child about healthy relationships

Failed marriages often end because there’s some form of disagreement in the relationship. There may have been marital issues because of one parent’s mental health, a recurring argument between couples, substance abuse or conflicting parenting styles. Whatever the issue may be, it could give your child the wrong impression of what a healthy relationship looks like.

As a parent, your actions may give your child impressions on how to act in the world. Your child may be in a relationship someday, but without seeing what a good, healthy relationship looks like, they may be put in the same situation as you. Divorce, however, may impress on your child that there are more options than an unhappy marriage.

You shouldn’t have to stay in a failed marriage, because it’s what you think is best for your child. Life always presents a conflict, but divorce may be your way out