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3 factors that affect the speed of intoxication

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Dwi |

Going out for a fun night with friends is something everyone deserves from time to time. Having a few drinks and then heading home may not be unusual for you.

However, a few factors may lead to you being more intoxicated than you realize – or you are used to. Understanding what can lead to higher levels of intoxication can help you avoid a potential DUI.

Your drink of choice

Do you usually drink a few beers before going home? Have you decided to go with vodka tonight for a change? While you may drink the same two drinks, the alcohol percentage in hard liquor like vodka is higher than in beer. You will increase your BAC (blood alcohol content) faster than usual.

How you are drinking

It’s best to sip your drink – yes, nurse it. If you chug or gulp your drink, it means alcohol gets into your body faster. By taking small sips more slowly, you won’t drink as much and won’t get as intoxicated as quickly.

Sitting or standing

This may seem like an odd consideration. However, when people are standing, they tend to drink more and faster. Try sitting down when you have a drink. This will keep you mindful and help you avoid overdoing it.

Protecting your rights when facing DUI charges

While using the information here can help you avoid getting overly intoxicated, it may not be enough to make it safe for you to drive home. If you are concerned, you should avoid getting behind the wheel. If you are charged with DUI, you have legal rights, and there are potential defenses you can use. Knowing these legal rights will help you in this situation.