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Don’t share prescriptions with your college friends

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

For many college students, those four years of school are a time when they learn about being frugal. Money can be very limited, so they’ll try to save in any way that they can.

In some cases, this can even extend to medical treatment. For instance, maybe you have a friend that lives in the dorm with you, and they know that you’ve been taking prescription medication for a certain ailment. They have similar symptoms to you, but they don’t want to go to the doctor and they don’t believe they can afford the prescription even if they were diagnosed. It is fairly likely that they would ask you if they could borrow some of the medication, at least to try it out before they commit to trying to get it on their own.

Sharing a prescription is illegal

You may be tempted to help your friend and give them the medication that they can’t afford, but it’s important that you understand that this is an illegal act. All controlled substances are not allowed to be exchanged between individuals, whether this is for money or if you’re just giving it away for free.

Prescription medications are certainly legal with the prescription, but they are still considered controlled substances. This means that the person with the prescription is the only one who can use them, and sharing them with somebody else – even if your intentions are good – could get you into legal trouble for the distribution of drugs.

If this does happen to you, especially if it’s just a misunderstanding and you didn’t even know you were breaking the law, then you need to know about all of your legal options