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2 things that could complicate post-divorce life for your child

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Child Custody |

The stress and anger of a divorce can make co-parenting a challenge. Yet you must remember that you are the adults in the room, and if it is difficult for you, it will be even harder for your child.

Here are two things that may seem harmless but could end up complicating life for your children post-divorce:

Communicating with each other through your child

Do all you can to avoid your child feeling caught in the middle. Even asking them to pass along simple messages can worsen the situation.

For example, your child is going on a school trip, and you do not have the money to pay for it. You tell your child to explain this to the other parent. If they do not have the cash available or are upset about having to pay it all, they may grumble to your child. Your child then feels guilty about going on the trip as they can see it is causing friction between the two of you.

Getting a new partner

You could meet someone straight after you end your marriage. Yet a divorce can play havoc with your feelings, so it can be tough to work out whether this is for real or it is a rebound relationship.

If you introduce a new partner to your kids before having time to assess the true situation, they may suffer when the new person disappears from their life. Or if your child can see the new partner does not like them much, they may fear you will abandon them for the new partner.

Getting a basic understanding of custody laws is a crucial step so that you, as parents, can work together to build the best custody agreement and conditions for your child to thrive post-divorce.