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Why might sibling rivalry get worse after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Child Custody |

Children can have a difficult time coping with their parents going through a divorce. For some children, the stress of the situation may cause their behavior to change. The parents may notice that it makes the children turn against each other.

Sibling rivalry might get much worse when the children’s parents divorce. You’ll have to discover the underlying cause of the rivalry so you can address it. Consider these possible causes:

The children blame each other or themselves

Children who blame their sibling for the divorce may lash out at them. If they blame themselves for the divorce, they may get angry and lash out. In both cases, your reassurance that none of the children caused the divorce may be beneficial. While you don’t have to discuss the real reasons for the split, you can cover some age-appropriate factors.

The children feel like they aren’t getting attention

Children become accustomed to having both parents at home with them. They may think that they’re getting less attention and their sibling is getting more during the divorce. Even if this isn’t the real case, you should try to figure out how to give the kids a little more individual attention so they can feel more secure.

Parents who have gone through a divorce might realize that their children are going through a worsened stage of sibling rivalry. There isn’t any easy way to cope with this, but being able to present a united parenting front might help. Getting the parenting plan set up in a way that gives the children what they need is also beneficial. Working with someone who’s familiar with child custody cases may help you to feel less stress.