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Can you move your children to public school after the divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Child Custody |

Families often need to make changes and compromises following a divorce. Sharing custody is often a big adjustment, and everyday life will change for each member of the family.

Sometimes, things that worked well during the marriage are no longer practical after a divorce. A private school may be prohibitively expensive now that the parents need to support two independent households with the same income. Perhaps the location complicates the exchange of custody.

Can you pull your children out of a private school and enroll them in public school after a divorce if you believe that’s what is best?

Your custody order determines who makes educational choices

Most North Carolina divorces do not result in one parent having unilateral control over the children or all of the parenting time. Parents will usually share physical custody or time with the children and legal custody or the right to make decisions for the kids.

Your parenting plan or custody order should outline how the two of you or the judge presiding over your divorce split up your parental responsibilities, including legal custody. Sometimes, a judge requires that the parents reach an agreement about major decisions. Other times, each parent has authority in specific areas, like education or healthcare.

In some cases, a judge may give one parent sole legal custody. You may have to confer with your co-parent before switching schools, or you may have the authority to make that decision on your own. Learning about shared custody and reviewing your parenting plan can help you make informed decisions after a divorce.