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That North Carolina traffic ticket: a bigger deal than you might think

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

How to analogize a traffic ticket?

Some North Carolina motorists might liken a behind-the-wheel ticketed infraction to, say, a mosquito bite. Irritating, certainly, and maybe linked to some temporary discomfort, but nothing to be materially concerned with over the long term.

Such a view is common. Candidly, most people have one or more concerns that do spur some elevated level of fret and worry, but getting a single ticket for a road offense doesn’t often make the list.

In many cases, it should.

And here’s why: Traffic tickets for alleged motoring taboos can add up. A single citation can over time morph into multiple offenses that collectively carry a notably punitive sting. And a ticketed history can be additionally adverse in a broad-based way, as noted below.

The often unforeseen consequences of traffic violations

As stressed above, many ticketed motorists in southeastern North Carolina and elsewhere across the state assume a pay-and-be-done-with-it attitude toward driving infractions.

The reality surrounding many citations, though, is that “done” is a relative term. In fact, the downfall tied to a traffic charge can be significant and enduring. Here are some examples of the fallout:

  • Points tacked onto a driving record that spike insurance premiums (often to a high degree, especially when multiple offenses pile up)
  • Imposed jail time in select instances
  • Suspended or even revoked driving privileges
  • Public stigma linked with certain offenses (e.g., a DUI charge)
  • Problems with employers, landlords, school officials, military recruiting officials and additional parties (a lengthy ticketing history can wreak havoc on everything from housing eligibility to academic and employment opportunities)

Traffic tickets: a lengthy laundry list of possibilities

A North Carolina law enforcer has an extensive playbook at his or her fingertips when pulling over a state resident for an alleged driving infraction. Here are some common charges:

  • Speeding, tailgating, excessive lane weaving, texting, failure to yield/stop and myriad other moving violations
  • Failure to satisfy past and/or outstanding tickets
  • Driving with either a suspended or revoked license
  • Failure to carry insurance or maintain sufficient coverage
  • Drunk and/or drug-impaired driving

Driving is an important privilege. A problematic ticketing history can imperil an individual’s behind-the-wheel rights, making it a sound idea for a challenged driver to reach out for proven assistance when facing traffic charges.

An experienced and results-oriented traffic violations attorney can provide that help.