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Traffic violations: More than just fees

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

When you were running late for work, you decided to speed there as quickly as you could. You passed a few vehicles, and you felt very rushed.

Not long after you cut in front of a slow semitruck, a police officer turned on their lights and started to follow you. You were already late, but you decided to pull over. After all, running would just make the situation worse, and you now have an excuse for showing up to work behind schedule.

Traffic violations result in more than just one-off fees

Did you know that traffic violations can add up and affect your license? In some cases, a traffic violation can lead to the loss of your license, a spike in the cost of your insurance and even time in jail.

While most people think about traffic violations as simple mistakes that won’t lead to much more than a fine, the truth is that they can have negative effects in your life, especially if they are particularly egregious or you’ve collected multiple violations in a short time.

Traffic violations:

  • Affect your driving record
  • Affect how much insurance you pay
  • Can result in losing your license
  • Add points to your license
  • Come with high fees
  • May require you to go to court

What should you do if you receive a citation?

Remember, paying a ticket is the same as admitting guilt. You do have a right to appear in court and contest the charges. You can also have an attorney represent you when you do this.

You have two primary options. They are to pay the fines or to contest the ticket. If you choose to pay the fine and to accept guilt, then you can pay online, by phone, by mail or in person. If you decide to fight the charges, your ticket should have your court date. If it does not, you can reach out to the DMV or your attorney for more information.

Traffic fines and penalties need to be contested or paid. If you ignore them, then you could lose your license for failing to respond to the ticket.