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What to do if you cannot make child support payments

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Divorce |

Child support payments can be one of the biggest bones of contention in any divorce. It can seem like you have to pay your ex to take your child away from you. If you have lost your job recently or your business is struggling, finding the money each month could be a real struggle.

If you find it difficult to meet your child support payments, do not hide your head in the sand and hope the problem will go away. Seek legal help to appraise your situation and look for a solution such as a modification of payments.

Remember, you have a legal obligation to make the payments. Arranging with the other parent to delay or modify payments is not sufficient. Only a court has the authority to alter or forgive your payments.

Failure to make payments can have a disastrous effect on your future. Here are some of the possible consequences you could face:

  • Prison: As a court decides child support, if you fail to comply, they could hold you in contempt.
  • Loss of driver’s license: This is a measure available in all states to encourage people to pay.
  • Garnishment of wages: Your paycheck could be docked at the source to cover payments you are not making.
  • Property liens: The authorities could take your unpaid child support from any sale you make.

You should also warn the other parent if you are not able to pay on time. If they run out of money due to you not being able to pay, your child may suffer. Giving advance notice allows them to adjust their budget.