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A good custody schedule can reduce conflict following a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Child Custody |

You and your spouse have had a few difficult years. You always have fights and disagreements over raising your child. Now, during your divorce, you’re facing the difficulty of coming up with a custody schedule that works. 

While what your spouse has suggested so far isn’t going to work for you, you are happy that they are willing to try to negotiate. You worry, though, that you will continue to have conflicts over custody if you can’t get a good plan in place.

A good custody schedule can help you reduce conflict

You are right to be concerned, but remember that having a good schedule and parenting plan for your child can make a world of difference. A set schedule and parenting plan make it easy to know:

  • Which parent is meant to have physical custody each day
  • What happens on holidays and school breaks
  • Who your child can or cannot see
  • Which parent is responsible for picking up or dropping off your child for custody exchanges

Custody schedules and parenting plans go hand in hand. With your parenting plan, you’ll discuss topics like where your child goes to school. the activities they can participate in and how much access your child can have to the internet. With a custody schedule, you’ll set up times when your child lives or visits with each parent. Having all of this set up ahead of time makes it much easier to move forward following a divorce since you can always refer back to the plan you created if you have questions or concerns. 

Your attorney can help you create a custody schedule and parenting plan, so you can feel confident as you move forward after divorce.