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Unmet expectations as a reason for divorce

| Apr 17, 2020 | Divorce |

Maybe you expected your marriage to look just like your parents’ marriage. Maybe you thought your spouse would act a certain way or take on a certain role. Maybe you thought marriage would just be relaxing and enjoyable from the day you said your vows.

No matter what it looks like, your expectations have gone unmet. Your parents always ate dinner together every night; your spouse spends long hours at the office. You wanted a spouse who would provide for you, but they’re content with just scraping by and they want you to work, too. Rather than feeling relaxed all of the time, marriage actually brings on a lot of stress and you start to notice annoying traits that you never saw in your spouse when you were dating.

If you feel this way, know that you are not alone. Some experts say that unmet expectations are a staple of all marriages. Most people come into a marriage with an idea of what the future looks like. Even if the reality measures up on a lot of fronts, it’s uncommon for it to check all of those boxes.

This can lead to marital dissatisfaction. This is especially true if you already had some issues with your significant other when you were dating but you expected those things to change when you got married. They didn’t. Now you’re stuck wondering whether or not you made a mistake and what you can do about it.

If you do decide that the only real option you have is to get divorced, it is important to look carefully into all of the legal steps you’ll have to take to get the process started.