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If you’re convicted of a DWI, you might need to go to school

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Dwi |

Driving while intoxicated can result in significant trouble with the law, and you could end up facing penalties such as the loss of your license or even time in jail. As someone who considers drinking and driving to be the only way to get a DWI, you may be interested to know that a DWI charge can also be given as a result of impairment from medications or drugs.

If you do end up facing a DWI and are convicted, you will be required to have a substance abuse assessment. This is necessary to have your license re-instated. There is also a requirement that you attend an education or treatment program.

Even if you have not been convicted of a DWI, you may need to do these things if your blood alcohol content (BAC) was registered at .14% or higher or if you did not give a breath sample, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

What kind of schooling could be a requirement if you face a DWI?

If you face a DWI and are convicted, you may need to go through Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS). This is a program that is used for those who don’t have a substance abuse disorder but who may have a higher risk of one than others.

The goal of a program like this is to prevent drug and alcohol problems in the public.

All of the penalties that you could face may not be necessary if you can defend yourself and have the charges dropped. Our website has more on potential penalties and what you can do to minimize the chance of a conviction.