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Tripped security alarm leads to homeowner’s arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

People in Wilmington count on the protection that local law enforcement authorities provide. Yet while there may be times when the exercise of their duties calls for them to use extraordinary action, officials are expected to use good judgment when doing so. Doing so might be difficult when forced into a momentary decision, yet law enforcement officials are required to balance their duty to uphold the law with respecting the rights of those amongst whom they work. Part of respecting those rights includes listening to people’s claims and avoiding rash actions made before the facts of a situation and adequately be assessed. 

It was a rush to judgment made by a police officer that lead to a local man being arrested. The man’s security alarm was tripped when his friend left his home. Thinking nothing of it, the man disengaged the alarm and went to bed. he was woken by the sounds of screaming, to which he responded by grabbing his gun and heading downstairs. What he did not know was that the screaming was coming from the police officer, who had responded to the alarm and found the door unlocked. According to the man, the officer refused to believe that the house was his, and instead arrested him and forced him out of the home while wearing only his underwear. 

This case (and others like it) serve to show that the judgment of law enforcement officials is not infallible or beyond questioning. Indeed, in some instances, it may be misplaced altogether. Thus, those who feel themselves to be victims of a rush to judgment by officials should not hesitate in their responses to such action. The chances of their responses being validated may be improved if they have an experienced attorney on their side.