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April 2019 Archives

Divorce and your child’s emotions

For married couples, divorce can be extremely challenging when it comes to emotions. Stress, depression and anger, in some instances, can make the process harder to work through. However, the way in which a divorce can impact children should not be overlooked either. For kids, it can be difficult when their parents split up, and some children feel very unsure about their future during this time. Some kids may respond to their parents’ divorce differently depending on their age or other issues they are dealing with, and it is vital for parents to do everything they can to protect their child’s emotional health during this time.

The importance of having an escape plan

At The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., we know that leaving an abusive marriage is a serious matter. You and other North Carolina residents who are in a relationship that is emotionally or physically violent can feel hopelessly trapped. Escaping abuse is often complex and can even be dangerous. This is why you need an escape plan before you leave.

Is electronic communication with your kids allowed?

As a parent in Wilmington, you no doubt want to be constantly plugged into your kids' lives. That can become much more difficult if you and your spouse choose to divorce. You may have your own dedicated custodial time in which to talk to them, but what about then they are with your ex-spouse? You may view calling them on the phone or sending them an email in such situations is perfectly harmless, yet your ex-spouse may not. Indeed, they may see it as you infringing on their custodial time. This may prompt the question of whether that state has guidelines for communication with your kids in this scenario. 

Traffic violations, points and your future

While it may seem obvious to you to avoid committing felony acts such as murder or robbery, you may not realize how much minor violations can affect your life. Misdemeanors and traffic offenses can lead to unexpected complications involving your career, your family and your future encounters with law enforcement.

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