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Hospital locked down due to custody dispute

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2019 | Child Custody |

Most in Wilmington might say that child custody disputes are private family matters in which outside parties have to right to become involved in. Yet what happens if a custody battle spills outside of the walls of the home and ends up inadvertently involving others? Feuding parents might even look for opportunities outside of the home to confront each other or even abduct their children from their other parent. Schools, shopping centers and other public venues may often provide the perfect forum for such incidents. 

Hospitals are also a common place where parents may attempt to gain unauthorized access to their kids. Such appears to have been the case in an incident which prompted the lockdown of a hospital in Indiana. A child who had been admitted to the hospital was taken from it by his father prior to the nurse being given the complete discharge instructions by the nurse who was handling his case. The father has visitation rights, and thus was not barred from visiting him throughout his stay. Authorities ultimately lifted the lockdown without finding the father, though no further action was taken as the case was deemed to be a custody matter. 

In the event that a parent who is subject to a custody agreement violates it by taking their child, the other parent may be justified in asking law enforcement authorities to enforce the agreement. Such a violation may also prompt changes to a custody or visitation agreement in an effort to ensure such a thing does not happen again. Those looking to take such action may want to enlist the assistance of an attorney.