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Wilmington mother accused of trying to shoot daughter

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

There’s an old saying that details that line between love and hate can be razor thin. This may be due to the fact that people invest a lot of time and emotion into loving someone. When that amount of emotion is involved in a relationship, it may not take much to quickly turn it from being positive to negative. This is likely the reason why family disputes are so often fraught with tension. The pressure and stress that can come with such tension may often cause people to act in ways that they otherwise would not. 

One might assume that the love felt between a mother and daughter is strong enough that neither would ever dream of harming the other. It had to have come as quite a shock to authorities, then, when they learned from the victim of an attempted shooting in Wilmington that the suspect was her own mother. The woman allegedly fired several shots are her daughter (as well as into an unoccupied home). She was later arrested and charged with (among other things) assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. 

Law enforcement officials in this case confirmed that the shooting came as the result of an argument between the mother, yet the details of their altercation were not released. One can only imagine, however, the anger that had to have been present in order to provoke someone to take such action against their own child. The seemingly incomprehensible nature of the act may lead credence to the idea that such action was no doubt influenced by the passion of the moment. Such factors should be taken into account when cases like this are considered. Working with an experienced defense attorney may ensure that this happens.