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Modifying your child support order

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2018 | Family Law |

Those who have to pay child support are likely well aware of the different challenges that may get in the way of their ability to make payments. From losing a job to suffering from a medical condition, there are all sorts of hardships that can make it difficult (or impossible) for someone who is obligated to pay child support to stay caught up. However, some may not know that there are certain options for some people who are facing these problems. For example, the modification of a child support order may be possible for someone who has experienced major changes to their finances.

If your financial circumstances have changed considerably, because you lost a job or are unable to stay current due to a recent health scare, you may want to look into child support modification. Modifying your child support order could be one way to lower your payments and make them fit your budget better. Unfortunately, some non-custodial parents have overlooked this option and simply fallen behind, which can open up a can of worms and lead to all sorts of consequences.

If you are considering child support modification, make sure that you examine all your different options carefully and have a solid understanding of the process. This has helped many parents who are going through tough financial problems and it can be beneficial for custodial parents also, since they will continue to be able to receive child support (as opposed to situations in which a parent stops paying altogether).