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How can I keep conflict to a minimum over the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2018 | Child Custody |

Have you recently gone through a divorce in North Carolina? If so, you may be dreading the upcoming holiday season due to all the possible stress it will hold, from creating a reasonable schedule to facing difficult family members. While you can’t always control the actions of your loved ones, offers the following tips on how you reduce stress associated with the holidays.

If you have kids, scheduling the holidays with your ex can be quite a chore. In this case, consider splitting up the holidays so each of you has time with your kids to visit your respective families. For instance, you can take your kids on Thanksgiving, so your ex can take them Christmas or other holidays. Not only will this prevent the stress of visiting multiple locations on a single day, it will also ensure your children will get to spend time with the entire family.

You may also consider hosting your own holiday get together. This will empower you to invite guests that will contribute positively to the celebration, including friends and loved ones. You can also retain a bit of control over the gathering, which isn’t possible when attending holiday events at other people’s homes.

Of course, you may encounter familial conflict despite your best efforts. In this case, prepare yourself for possible conflict to handle the best way possible. Try to laugh off rude or intrusive statements the best you can and spend time with those family members you truly care for. If family members attempt to pry about your divorce, offer as little information as possible in a polite and civil manner.