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Drinking in college can have dire consequences

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Uncategorized |

If you were to ask 100 North Carolina college graduates what they found most challenging during their campus years, many would likely say the academics or keeping good study habits. On the other hand, some might recall facing their greatest challenges in their social lives at college. In fact, there are those who say they regret quite a few choices they made, in particular, those involving alcohol.

It’s no secret that binge drinking is popular on many college campuses. Having to call home and tell your parents that school administrators are suspending you or that you’re in jail because of an alcohol-related incident may be enough to deter you from drinking in college. If you do run into trouble, know that you’re definitely not the first one nor will you be the last; however, you may be able to mitigate your circumstances if you tap into the right resources.

Have one or more of these things happened on your campus?

Many college students say their grades took a nosedive when their drinking got out of hand. There are several other serious issues related to alcohol consumption in colleges throughout the nation. Some are included in the following list:

  • Nearly 700,000 college students become victims of assault perpetrated by their peers in alcohol-related situations every year.
  • At least 20 or more college students die from injuries resulting from alcohol incidents each year, many of which involved motor vehicle collisions.
  • Sexual attacks are among the top three alcohol-related consequences on college campuses in North Carolina and beyond.

Binge drinking is quite popular at many colleges. If you participate in such activities, you can damage your liver and face many other adverse health effects. You can also place your standing at your school on the line as well. It can be difficult to earn a diploma if you’re spending all your time in court, trying to avoid a DUI conviction or some other alcohol-induced charge.

Getting life back on track

If you have a substance abuse problem, your school likely has several programs available or can connect you with community resources to help you overcome addiction. If you’re facing legal problems associated with alcohol, you can seek support to help you obtain as positive an outcome as possible and re-focus your attention on your college and life goals.