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Underage DUI from a parent’s point of view

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Drunk driving charges often bring a number of hardships into a person’s life, whether they have lost their ability to drive or are worried about spending time behind bars. Often, these charges can lead to additional problems. For example, being unable to drive or being sentenced to prison can result in the loss of one’s job. Moreover, many young people have been charged with underage drunk driving and this can create problems within an entire family. If your child has been accused of driving while they were under the influence of alcohol, there are many different issues that may need to be considered.

For starters, you may be worried about your child’s future, such as their ability to land a certain job or attend college. These are valid concerns and highlight the importance of approaching an underage DUI case properly. There could be various details surrounding the incident that you may not know about or that your child may not think will have much of an impact on the case. However, sometimes even details that seem minor can completely change the outcome of a case.

Underage drunk driving can be especially complicated for various reasons. First of all, many young drivers have been charged with this offense even though they were not aware that they were driving drunk due to zero tolerance laws and the consequences can be particularly tough for someone with their whole life ahead. Read through our criminal defense section if you would like to find more information that is related to underage drunk driving charges.