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May 2018 Archives

Keeping a positive attitude during a custody dispute

A dispute over the custody of your child may be very difficult to work through and you could feel overwhelmed. After all, your child’s future may be at stake and your relationship with your child could be significantly impacted by the custody decision. However, you should do your best to keep a positive attitude during this time for a number of reasons. Not only can positivity reduce stress, but it could also increase the likelihood of you being able to secure an end result that is more favorable from your point of view.

Were your rights violated during a DWI traffic stop?

If you are facing criminal charges related to drunk driving in North Carolina, you may feel overwhelmed by the potential penalties you could face. Charges of driving while intoxicated can lead to consequences that may include time behind bars, expensive fines and loss of driving privileges. You understand the importance of acting quickly to protect your interests. 

Grandparent visitation in North Carolina

When parents in Wilmington choose to divorce, their lives (as well as those of their children) are not the only ones that are deeply impacted. The children's grandparents can also feel the sting of separation knowing that access to their grandchildren could become restricted. The fear of that happening may even prompt some to seek legal action in order to keep seeing their grandkids. 

Do all North Carolina couples need a prenuptial agreement?

As you prepare to marry, you are likely not thinking about a potential divorce and what it could mean for your future. It may seem impractical and unromantic to think about how a divorce could change your life, but you could eliminate some of the uncertainty of this process by having a prenuptial agreement.

Will you get alimony?

When you and your spouse choose to divorce in Wilmington, you might automatically assume that you are entitled to alimony. This likely comes from the assumption that the awarding of alimony is largely a punitive measure. While state law does account for that to a certain degree, the actual purpose of alimony is help support you until you are able to support the same standard of living you enjoyed while married on your own. 

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