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March 2018 Archives

Maintaining your emotions during a custody dispute

From disagreements with children to the cost of raising a child, there are times when it can be difficult as a parent. However, those who are going through a dispute over child custody may face an overwhelming amount of pressure and uncertainty. Divorce can be a challenging process, especially when these types of disputes arise. However, parents who are worried about the outcome of a dispute may benefit from trying to keep emotions in check, going over any details of their circumstances that are relevant, reviewing custody laws, and discussing the situation with their child.

Divorce and high blood pressure

Approaching divorce can be tough for people for various reasons. On the one hand, some people are worried about how ending their marriage could affect their children, while others have concerns about alimony, child support, or the distribution of marital property. However, there are other concerns that may arise before, during, or even after a divorce, such as high blood pressure. It is important to understand that some people suffer from high blood pressure because of divorce and take steps to prevent or address this concerning condition.

Divorce mediation may be your key to a smoother marital breakup

You and your spouse are ready to dissolve your marriage. However, the part you are not ready for is the fight you expect to ensue as soon as one of you files the divorce papers. However, the truth is that not every divorce has to involve a bitter fight between soon-to-be exes.

Is underage drinking ever allowed in North Carolina?

The legal age to purchase and possess alcohol is 21 across the United States. However, each state has its own restrictions when it comes to underage drinking. For instance, some states permit minors to drink alcohol in a private residence, in the presence of their parents. Other states ban all types of underage alcohol consumption outright.

Tip the scales in favor of amicable post-divorce parenting

Although part of you likely wants to move on in life and leave all the nasty divorce issues behind you, you also realize that as parents, you and your former spouse must continue to interact because you have children together. It's likely you never thought you would be standing before a judge to determine where your children would spend their holidays. However, things happen, and life changes, sometimes in very unexpected ways.

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