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Time is always critical in legal matters. Every day that passes is another day in which crucial evidence may be destroyed and opportunities lost. There is simply no time for delays or half measures. You need strong, effective and determined representation to achieve a good outcome, and you need it now.

At The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., we are experienced advocates who work tirelessly to resolve family law and criminal law cases in the most positive manner possible. When you come to our firm, you can expect timely action, compassionate counsel and assertive representation. We want to help you overcome the legal and personal challenges you face.

Protecting Your Rights, Preserving Your Freedom

Wilmington attorney Bryan Smith and the rest of our firm are committed to providing strong and effective representation for people accused of crimes, including DWI, drug crimes, assault and other misdemeanors and felonies.

In all criminal defense cases, we use every legal means available to defend our clients. We will work tenaciously to protect your rights and preserve your freedom at every stage of the legal process. We are prepared to take immediate action to fight criminal charges.

Positive Solutions to Family Law Problems

The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C. provides advice, services and representation to people in a wide range of family law matters.

We guide clients through the divorce process and resolve related issues involving child custody and visitation, property division and child support. Whenever possible, we try to achieve positive solutions through negotiated settlements. If necessary, we provide assertive representation in court to protect our clients' rights and achieve their goals.

With You All the Way

A criminal charge, family problem or serious personal injury can cast a cloud over your future. At The Law Office of L. Bryan Smith, P.C., we are dedicated to helping our clients overcome serious legal problems. We pledge to provide you with strong representation, sound advice and responsive client service from the start of your case to its conclusion. We will be with you all the way.

Free Consultation With an Experienced North Carolina Lawyer

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